Baldwin Cup would not be possible without the immense support of its volunteers who loan their boats, run the races, maintain the boats, host the sailors, spread the word and more. Also many thanks to all the boat owners who relocate their boats off the moorings during the regatta. If you want to learn more about what goes into volunteering to make the Baldwin Cup happen, you can read about it here.

Please notice that many of our club members wear several hats, helping in several areas. Our hats off to them!

2017 General Chair – S/C Bill Crispin
Assistant Chair & 2018 Chair – S/C Jeff Gordon


R/C Scott Mason
Finish Line
Helen Duncan – Chair
Roxanne Chan
Shelly Clark
John Whitney
Mary Whitney
Anne Wiese
Mark Set
Commodore Dwight Beldon

RC Support
& Transportation

S/C Bill Crispin
John & Michele Marshall


Don Becker
Christine Accettella
Jeff Borland
Steve Schupak
Kerry Sullivan
John Tagliamonte
Steve Wolff
John Drayton
Peter Wilson
Dave Blackman
Dave Pyron
Vicki Sodaro
Bruce Cook
Steve Wrigley
Alfredo Ricci
Kevin Hawkins
Paul Zupan
Peter Nielsen

Umpire Liaison
Steve Schupak


Terry Drewry – Chair
Bob & Alice Partridge
Dr. Ben & Sandy Wright
Jamie & Pam Hardenbergh
Mark & Catherine Carlson
Win & Carlita Fuller
Dotty MacDonald
Mary Allyn Dexter
Hollie Sutherland
Carol Fuller
Bill & Shelly Allen
Juli Cook


Roxanne Chan
Phil Ramser
Whit Batchelor
& Rob Radar
Rolly Pulaski
Warren Duncan
George Twist
Tim Hogan
Richard Loufek
NHYC (Michael
Andy Binkerd
Tom Corkett
Rick Emsiek, Brian
& Perry Bissell
Jory Twist
John Whitney
Steve Sellinger
Chris Allen & Greg Helias
Mick Bacich
Terri Carlson
Erin Kennedy
Gregg Kelly
Mark Conzelman
Will Singleton
Jim Buckingham
Robert Kinney
& Jenn Lancaster
Doug Rastello
Karl Pomeroy
Lisa Briggs


Boat Relocation
P/C John Whitney
Removal & Replacement
JP Peschelt– Chair
S/C Gary Hill
Mike Marshall
Carson Hill


Pit Boss
Warren Duncan
Master Mechanics
Mark Conzelman
Peter Haynes
John Whitney
Bob Yates
Owner Liaison
Mark Conzelman
Dock Commander
Karl Pomeroy
Color Captains
Jim Kerrigan
John Calder
Peter Jacobson
Rolly Pulaski
Michael Volk
Richard Loufek
Fleet Measurer
Richard Loufek
Mechanical Expert
Philip Thompson

Damage Control
Shana Conzelman – Chair
Debra Haynes
Susan Lockard
Ellen Volk

Boat Acquisitions
Mark Conzelman – Chair
Dennis Lockard
Pat Scruggs
Ross Stewart

Boats for Umpires & RC
Anthony Palacios


Elizabeth De Witt
Lead Announcer
Brooks Clark
Media Team
Adam Deermount
Chris Goddard
Pam Bacich
Harriet Lewis Pallette
Bob Yates
Photo Boat
Greg Hawkins


Cindy Barnard
Sailor Hosts
Mick & Pam Bacich
Dave & Shelly Clark
Paul & Kelly Marshall
Bill & Diane Menninger
Gregg & Devon Kelly
Bob & Ellie Yates
Gary & Sandi Hill
Sam & Susie Hill
Tom & Dana Fischbeck
Kevin & Trudy Finn
Paul & Polly Stemler
Robert & Cathy Kinney
Ben & Sandy Wright
Doug & Patti Sloan
John & Cindy Cotton
Tim & Sheila Collins

Umpire Hosts
Mark & Shana Conzelman
Warren & Helen Duncan
Ross & Kathy Stewart
Win & Carlita Fuller
John & Jennifer Drayton
Barbara & Steve Barnard
David Blackman
Bill & Shelly Allen


Liaison Chair
Andy Binkerd
S/C Phil Ramser & Trish Ramser
Keith Yonkers
Sponsorship Support
Terry Drewry
Dana & Tom Fischbeck
Bill & Leslie Mais
Anne Wiese
Laurie & Barry Booth
S/C Pat & Libby Werner
Devon Kelly
Mike & Jeana Daily
Deon & Peter Macdonald
Dotty McDonald
Elizabeth Abbott
Barbara Barnard

Regatta Finance
Jenn Lancaster
Keith Yonkers