Day 2: StFYC still clear ahead & the epic tie-break

Day 2: Despite a bit of a midday delay (more on that later), we’re 24 races into Stage 2. Gold and Silver are set and the fight for the knock-out berths is well underway. Before we give you how the day ended, let’s talk ties. Tie-breakers more specifically. At the end of Stage 1’s round robin, we divide the field into two fleets of six, Gold and Silver. Within those new fleets we race a double round robin (win/losses carrying thru), with 1st place in Silver advancing to the knock-outs and last place in Gold dismissed to the bar with the rest of the Silver fleet. So seeding is crucial.

This brings us to the conundrum of the day, at the end of Stage 1 five teams were tied for that final Gold Fleet seed. You can see how the math worked out here but that little chart hardly reflects the complexity and depth of this tie. Adding to the drama, of the five teams tied, four are previous BCTR Champions. (And mind you only different five clubs have ever won the Baldwin Cup)

Needless to say all this checking and double checking took a while. In their nervous energy waiting for the call (since we know sailors at the Baldwin Cup level are hardly competitive and very much the sit still types) an impromptu fleet race was instigated by those waiting out on the water. It was quite the sight for those out on the water, but it’s hopefully the first and the last time we have fleet racing at Baldwin, as we hope to never have such a delay again!

Thames sneaks into sully StFYC’s record Photo by Pam Bacich

End of day results still have St. Francis clear in first with only three losses. Royal Thames dealt StFYC that third loss at the end of the day, bringing a bit of a sour note to otherwise buoyant results for the boys from the bay. “It was close racing with very tricky conditions,” said Michael Menninger, of the St. Francis (and formerly of three-peating NHYC Team Thunder) “We were definitely tested throughout the day, especially with the pressure shifts, but we are definitely in the hunt.”

Tied for second are NHYC Lightning (little sibling no more!) and San Diego, with the Thames hot on their heels in 4th. NHYC Thunder won the tie break but needs to get their butts in gear if they hope not to get booted from the knock-outs. In the Silver Fleet, Balboa, Seawanhaka, and Larchmont are all hoping to get back in, but with lots more racing in Stage 2 to go, nothing is certain yet. We’ll let announcers Brooks Clark and Adam Deermount close us out with their take on the racing today, while we head to the Goslings bar with our JPMorgan Chase peeps. ’Til tomorrow! 

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