New Mainsails thanks to JPMorgan Chase!

by Chris Goddard of CGPR and Elizabeth De Witt

This is a story about a collaboration between a dedicated sail maker and the BCTR’s presenting sponsor JPMorgan Chase. A collaboration to design the new mainsails for the Baldwin Cup Team Race at NHYC. (And no, this is not the beginning of a cheeky power point or ad campaign—we’re just really excited.)

Alex Curtiss, a new NHYC member took the lead on bringing JPMorgan Chase’s mainsail designs to life as a sailmaker for Ullman Sails Newport Beach. Begun locally in Corona Del Mar with a small loft and a single sewing machine, Ullman Sails was founded in 1967. (Just a mere 70 years after our sponsor’s namesake J.P. Morgan begun serving as NYYC’s commodore!) In the 50 years since then Ullman Sails has grown to be a world leader in sailmaking. Regatta winning one design sails have been Ullman’s trademark since the beginning though, an the new JPMorgan Chase Harbor 20 mainsails promise to continue that triumphant tradition.

With that dedication to the sport of sailing, Ullman Sails Newport Beach worked hand in hand with the team at JPMorgan Chase to create new mainsails that are as well made as the Baldwin Cup is exciting to watch. With the objective of absolute perfection and nothing less, the design of the new sails went through five iterations, with the final version being carefully sewn at Ullman Sails South Africa’s facilities over a period of nine days. Curtiss worked closely with Evan Morgan and Brooke Chappell of JPMorgan Chase and we thank them all for their attention to detail. We love the fact that JPMorgan Chase wanted to showcase their logo (and thus a reflection of their enthusiasm for the Baldwin Cup) on many parts of the sail, but Curtiss gently offered the possibility that sailors might need to reef the sail in heavy air which would mean the logo would disappear from view. This responsive collaboration between sail loft and sponsor was much like sailor responding to progressing wind conditions, with both having the shared goal of an picture perfect finish.

The sails arrived a week ago and were tested this week with stellar results. They are made of Contender 7.46 ounce Dacron sailcloth, with Ullman’s trademark “flutter patch” incorporated for durability. We’re looking forward to having our internationally renowned competitors put to our new sails to the test next week!

New Sails by the Numbers

(Facts better enjoyed set to the tune of this theme music)

  • New Mainsails: 24
  • Design Iterations: 5
  • Days to Sew Final Design: 9
  • Dacron Weight: 7.46 ounce
  • Total New Sail Area: 3609.6 ft²
  • Height of Sail Numbers: 30 in
  • Flutter Patches: 120
  • Distance Traveled: 10602 mi
    (Durban, South Africa to Newport Beach, CA)

The new JPMorgan Chase Mainsails in action!

Obviously these fantastic new sails would not be possible without our presenting sponsor, so we’d like to reiterate our appreciation by we sending a huge thank you to JPMorgan Chase for their continued sponsorship of the Baldwin Cup Team Race at NHYC.

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