The Battle for The Cup continues…

Saturday Recap

With the Stage 2 Round Robin 2 just begun, we’re calling it a day here at Baldwin Cup. NHYC Thunder continues to dominate conceding only one race after two days. Their lone loss was to Southern Yacht Club who is currently tied with NHYC Lightning for third (apparently the threat of losing bar privileges has inspired the sailors from the South.) Larchmont controls the second place spot, very much in the thick of it. Though winning the Cup in 2013, Larchmont were a no show at least year’s regatta. Back this year to reclaim the title, Clay Bischoff of Larchmont Yacht Club explained, “we’re happy be in the mix and just try to keep it calm throughout each race, as many races are decided in the last minute.” Or as Thunder’s Michael Menninger put it, “To tell you the truth, no one really knows what is going on, so it makes it a scrum at the very end, which makes it really exciting, not to mention having the weather and turning marks 100 feet off the dock—that is amazing.”

In the Silver Fleet, where a team need to win to advance, Balboa Yacht Club is in first followed by Seattle Yacht Club in second and Pequot Yacht Club in third. That half win Balboa was forced to give up yesterday might come back to haunt them.

Frustratingly the breeze stayed relatively light all day, not shifting to the West as expected, which posted different strategic challenges compared to yesterday’s stronger breezes. The shifts off Lido Island, as well as errant drivers of the ubiquitous Duffys, added to the on-water encounters. Hopefully tomorrow the wind gods will take pity on us. (Break out your wind dance now!)

We’ll have another video up for you tomorrow morning, but we here at Baldwin Cup have a cocktail party to get to, so we’ll leave you with a link to today’s shoots of all the action:

Check out all of today’s photos on our Saturday Flickr Page.

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