And We’re Off!

The Baldwin Cup has commenced! With a competitors meeting this morning, racing has started on a lovely Friday afternoon. In what some may think of as typical Newport Beach weather, temperatures are moderate with a marine layer of fog we are still waiting to burn off. Breeze is light and from the south which makes for temperamental racing in the Turning Basin.

Nonetheless, we have gotten several races off with some great results. Along the docks teams can be seen pow-wowing in circles discussing their last race and making notes for the future. This is only the first day of three, and teams seem to know that some patience today will go a long way.

The first race of the day was Team Larchmont v. Seawhanaka Yacht Clubs. It was a tight race to set the tone of the event and Larchmont came out ahead with a close finish. Clay Bischoff hailing from Larchmont Yacht Club was great enough to give his perspective of the racing:

In another race NHYC’s own Team Plaid sported their uniforms to victory over St. Francis Yacht Club. We had a chance to talk to skipper Justin Law sailing with Taylor Grimes, a boat holding down the fort for their team. Although team Plaid was off to a discouraging beginning on the starting line, Justin and Taylor add some insight as to how they made a comeback. In this shifty breeze it was crucial to play the shifts right and maintain superior boat handling to get the job done. Justin also added that being a local team does give them a little bit of an advantage, but he expects the playing field to be leveled when the breeze picks up.

Team Plaid: