Making Waves On Scuttlebutt

The fleet awaits the sailors and Baldwin Cup is making waves in the sailing news!

Friday’s edition of Scuttlebutt:

With live announcers, on the water umpiring, Kattack GPS tracking devices and a large audience, the 2012 Baldwin Cup Team Race at Newport Harbor Yacht Club is an event not to be missed. Plus, a vacated mooring field allows the competition to sail less than 200 yards off the NHYC Main Dock for prime spectator viewing. The Baldwin Cup Team Race strives to keep the racing competitive, without losing a flair for fun (did we mention 25¢ beer ALL weekend?), keeping the crowds curious and excited about the sport of sailing. Now in its fifth year, 11 teams from across the country and one from across the pond will be chasing the title this weekend in Newport Beach, California.

Of those 11 teams, two will be fielded by the home club. The clubs competing in the other nine spots are: Annapolis Yacht Club (Annapolis, MD), Boston Yacht Club (Boston, MA), Larchmont Yacht Club (Larchmont, New York), New York Yacht Club (Newport, RI), Royal Thames Yacht Club (London, England), Seattle Yacht Club (Seattle, WA), Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht Club (Oyster Bay, NY), Southern Yacht Club (New Orleans, LA), and St. Francis Yacht Club (San Francisco, CA).

Team racing is typically thought of as a collegiate or dingy type regatta; however keel boat team racing has a strong following in many areas of the country.  While most team racing regattas in the US are typically 3 versus 3, the Baldwin Cup is a 4 versus 4 regatta, making the game slightly more challenging.  With the Baldwin Cup’s 4 versus 4 format, very few combinations are stable (aka assuring you the win), which makes hard fought races up until all eight boats have crossed the finish line.  All bets are off until the very end of each race; spectators are always kept at attention.

As the event has grown in popularity among some of the most competitive sailors in the country, the audience has grown to match their interest. Few events have the boat-on-boat action so visible; it’s simple to root for favorite teams marked by their brightly colored jibs. All that, and quarter beers to celebrate you favorite teams’ victories (or to bemoan their defeats.)

So what are you waiting for? Get down to NHYC this weekend! For more information about Baldwin Cup and team racing, check out our site at

For more information contact:

Jenn Lancaster
NHYC Race Director

Don’t forget, racing starts tomorrow at ~10:30!