Prepping for Baldwin Cup!

This weekend sailors flocked to the NHYC docks, not to race, but to put a hand in to make sure all our boats for Baldwin Cup are ship-shape. Several of those working on the boats are competitors and personally ensuring that each boat is in the condition they would like it to be if they were racing it all weekend. One reason Newport Harbor succeeds in receiving so many quality boats for this event is that those who lend boats to the regatta usually get them back in better condition than they were before. We are all so excited to welcome the Baldwin Cup spirit, we can’t resist a social atmosphere while we help each other out with boat work. Check out some shots from our boat-work weekend below!

All our Harbor 20's on the NHYC docks ready for some scrubbing!

Adam Deermount scrubs a set of sails

Brian Bissell engineers ways to keep all bumpers secure

Morgan Pinckney helps clean while while his parents Jon and Gail work on other tasks