Friday Morning Races and Hail!

“I could have stayed in Seattle for this!”
“I could have stayed in Seattle for this!”

Sitting around the fire inside Newport Harbor Yacht club, some sailors from Southern Yacht Club joke that one time it almost snowed in Newport Beach. Referring to a surprise hail storm that has just passed through moments ago, it’s been an eventful morning for weather and races. With the warning guns sounding at about 10:15 am, three starts got called off before the first race (Balboa Yacht Club v Seattle Yacht Club) was started.

Seattle Yacht Club started the regatta off on the right foot rounding the windward mark in a winning combination and winning the race. Just behind them raced Boston Yacht Club v Royal Thames, which resulted in a win for Boston Yacht Club. However it was just as Boston and Royal Thames were rounding the windward mark that some light puffs began hitting the race course from the west arriving with a dark cloud moving down the channel.

As Larchmont Yacht Club and Rochester Yacht Club raced the wind picked up and it was moments before the storm moved in. Enjoying the most sailable breeze of the moment for only a couple minutes, rain drops invaded the race course with big gusts from the west. There wasn’t even time to jump off the water before the hail moved in, rushing all of the boats raining in to the dock.

Luckily the hail only lasted a couple minutes and it turned into a great opportunity to get lunch started. The racers have just returned to the water with little breeze, but everyone is ready to keep races coming!