Baldwin Cup Eve

Kicking off Baldwin Cup Eve many sailors, regatta managers, and volunteers met at the club for cocktails and dinner. Handing out appreciation for those volunteering to help run the regatta, house judges, and house sailors, the get together kicked the regatta off to a cohesive start for everyone able to attend. The only foreboding signs were the ominous clouds and light drizzle that occasionally passed the yacht club, which is not typical weather for the Baldwin Cup. Today was mostly sunny with a solid westerly (Newport’s best breeze comes down the Lido Channel) until the evening yet the forecast for tomorrow is “winds coming from the southwest at 15-20 knots” according to A southerly is still okay but one of Newport’s shiftiest and least predictable directions as it travels over the peninsula to reach the harbor. Luckily, tonight it was established that the regatta management is mentally prepared to make as many course changes as needed on the water. Races start at 10:00, see you all there!